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album coverRoad to Forgiveness – 4 Solo bass pieces for Suicide Prevention EP

Artist - Sylvain 'Sly' Audet

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Product Description

More than a musical experiment, my Road to Forgiveness solo bass EP is also a personal fund-raising effort, supporting The International Association for Suicide Prevention and our local Quebec City Suicide Prevention Center. The album features my unique and experimental 'thumbpicking' and bass tremolo techniques throughout the 4 introspective and emotionally charged compositions.

Track listing

1. Desperation Dance listen to an excerpt

2. Dawn's Touch listen to an excerpt

3. Light Green Hope listen to an excerpt

4. Banshee Whisper listen to an excerpt

Product Details

Audio CD (September 2011)

1 disc & booklet ( 6 page ) in cardboard 'mailer' case

Label : SlySounds Music

Catalog number : SSM-8-85767-79821-2

Available in digital download from these online stores :

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More information

PDF linear notes.

Shipping & Handling : CND $2.50 to Canada, United States and overseas by Canada Post standard

Fundraiser FAQ :

- How much of the sale price is donated??

50% of the sale price of each cd (and my share of digital download revenu) will be shared between the Quebec Suicide Prevention Center (25%) and the International Association for Suicide Prevention (25%). 40% will be used to reimburse production costs (printing, cd replication, sound engineering and studio time) and I’ll keep 10% for myself.

- When are the donations made?

Update : To reduce administration costs I have decided to change my original 4 month fixed date donations, to a minimal amount of 200$. In other words for every 400$ in sales, I will send the IASP 100$ and another 100$ to the Quebec city suicide prevention center. I will send smaller balances of donations if no sales are made aver a two year period.

Donations of $183,08 CAD were made to both organisations on january 15th, 2011.

Donations will be made every four months after the album launch in September 2011 – January 15th, Mai 15th and September 15th of 2012.

- How will I know that the donations are made?

I’ll be scanning and posting the donation receipts on this website. There will also be a list of everyone who buys the cd. CPSQIASP

- What if I don’t want my name on the donor list?

Write to me and I’ll assign you an anonymous donor number that will be published on the donor list.

- Donor list & fundraiser update.








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