Aside from his freelance work, here are some personal projects Sly is working on... if you wish to help Sly bring them to life click here.


Solo bass compositions

To help develop his ‘drone tone’ thumb picking style, Sly has written solo bass pieces that he released on September 6th 2011. Click here for more details.


Thumb Picking technique

Sly is currently working on method books featuring bass tremolo and an alternative right-hand technique he calls ‘Thumb picking’. Inspired by Victor Wooten’s double thumbing style, it has opened up a whole new approach for Sly and he’s excited about sharing it with you. Check out Sly's Thumb-Picking Blog to learn more...

Road Kill Soup 

A progressive hard rock band project, with music featuring his ‘Thumb Picking’ technique, heavily overdriven and distorted tones and bass tremolo techniques. Visit the website here.

The Jack Rozz Project

A jazz fusion trio in which Sly challenges himself to play exclusively with his thumb picking style.

For more info, visit them here.













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