"Yo Sly! You are an amazing player. You're knowledgeable and you play from your heart. That's all that we ask for. And the whammy bar is killer!!!" - Anthony Wellington bassist for the Victor Wooten Band, Instructor http://bassology.net/

" Sylvain is a conscientious and professional musician. I’ve called upon his services many times as my replacement on different contracts (pop, jazz, blues, gospel, etc.). Everyone was unanimous that Sylvain did a superbe job with an exemplary attitude. I wouldn’t hesisitate to hire him again and to refer him to others. " - François Moisan, Musicien, Bandleader, Instructor at Laval University's bass departement www.francoismoisan.com

" Mister Groove.... what a pleasure to share the stage with Sylvain ; musically, socially and professionally!!! " - Christian Morissette, Drummer, Teacher, Soundman, http://chrismorissette.com/

“ Playing with Sylvain is always a pleasure. He is an unmatchable musician! No questions to be asked when Sly is onstage : the groove is omnipresent and his professionalism – inescapable!! Sylvain is one of the best bassists in Quebec because his playing is strong, precise, subtle and always glued into the appropriate style. He is very versatile!!! And his personality ; soft-spoken, calm, respectful, funny, attentif and attuned, make him easy to hang out with. ” - Serge Poulin www.sergepoulin.com , Drummer, Composer, Arranger

“ I’ve known Sylvain for almost 10 years. At every recording session I’ve been able to appreciate his kindness, sensitivity, efficiency, his big sound, tightness and especially his groove. What a pleasure to work with him. ” – Jacques Montminy, independent sound engineer, owner of Studio Tram, Professor at Notre-Dame-de-Foy College’s Sound Engineering School

" As a musical director, I’ve had the chance to work with Sylvain in a band for musical theatre, a particualr niche that not many musicians in Québec work in.  His ponctuality, concern for a job well done and good humour make him one of the bassists at the top of my list." - Yves Bouchard, Musical director, Productions Dina-Bélanger, bouchard_y007@hotmail.com

" A true professional and a musician that can cover many bases ;) Sly is always prepared, shows up on time and might even offer you a lift to the gig!  His dedication to his instrument is unquestionable and he has an easy way of fitting in with the many projects he is involved with.  He loves playing bass!  He's a real team player and a swell guy. " -Charlie Price, Guitarist, Singer, Bandleader http://www.charlieprice.ca

" Sylvain, your experience and assiduousness make you a bassist that I would recommend without hesitating. For more than 15 years we’ve been working together in different musical formats – the results have always been to the height of my expectations. Thank you for your professionalism, attentiveness, quickness, ease of adaptation and your smile. It’s always a pleasure playing with you! ” - Joel Thibault, Bandleader, Saxophonist, Composer, Producer www.productionsjoelthibault.com

“ I’ve known Sylvain for more than 10 years. We’ve worked together on many projects in different musical formats; Quebec Gospel Ensemble, Emerson, Lake and Palmer tribute, backing band for various singers like Ginette Paradis and club date bands. Every time, Sylvain has shown his professionalism. He is always on time for practices and concerts, is well prepared, works on his repertoire and plays with assurance and musicality. Sylvain is a versitile bassist who can render many musical styles from jazz to pop, via latin and funk, which he is particularly fond of.
Finally, his convivial and positive personality make him a musician appreciated by his peers. I’ve never seen him get mad or have a negative attitude towards someone. ” - Gilles Beaudoin,
Pianist, Keyboardist, Professor at Notre-Dame-de-Foy College’s Music Departement

“ Whether on upright or electric bass, Sylvain always performs with brio. He grooves just as well in latin, jazz or funk with solid time and sound. More than just an excellent musician, he’s a pleasure to work with. His professional attitude and humanity definitely serve the people and projects he is associated with. ” - Michel Boivin, Bandleader, Percussionist, Drummer

“Sylvain Audet is a joy to work with. His professionalism is matched by the great precision with which he plays his instrument. It’s a renewed pleasure every time we share the stage.” - Michel Chartier, Singer, Bandleader www.michelchartier.com

“ I had the pleasure of working with Sylvain on upright and electric bass for two shows at la Place des Arts in Montreal in 2009 – his professionalism is mind-boggling. Despite limited rehearsal time he delivered the goods at a level beyond my expectations. I won’t hesitate to call on him if I get a chance to perform again in the province of Quebec. ” – Pierre Dubé, Singer-songwriter www.saintpierre.ca

“ It’s easy for me to express the pleasure that I’ve had making music with Sylvain, professionnaly and socially. We’ve worked together in many different circumstances, where I’ve been able to appreciate his rigor, precision and curiosity for his craft.
He is constantly in the creative process, whatever the context, which makes him an artist in the deepest sense. He is always mindful of others and has a rare intensity. Very experienced, he knows of musical tradition as well as what’s new. Like I say to my students ‘ We play music as we are…’ – in that sense Sylvain’s serenity has always been present in his musical career.”  - Guy Simard, Pianist, Accompanist at Laval University’s Jazz Departement

“ Sylvain is a bassist with great expertise as well as a fun person to hang out with. He is conscientious in his work, punctual and has excellent sight reading skills. He’s experienced in many musical genres, namely jazz, rock or pop. He plays with sensitivity, which makes him a musician that is in demand and recognized by his peers. I recommend Sylvain to anyone needing a bassist – you can’t go wrong. ”Jean-François Lambert, Pianist, Bandleader, Professor at Laval University’s music departement  www.bellita.ca

“ We’ve hired Sylvain a few times and I highly recommend him. His meticulous playing and positive attitude make him an asset to any group in any style. ” - Gill Poitras, Scolo productions inc. www.scoloproductions.com (Karma Kameleons, Moondance Orchestra)

“ Sylvain and I have been playing together for 15 years, which probably makes him the bassist with whom I have the most complicity. He is a musician with natural talent, is versatile, and has all the technical tools to be comfortable playing any style. He always knows what to add to the music at the right time and place, with good taste. A complete musician ! To add to that, he is a great guy – positive and open-minded. What more can you ask for? ” :) – Perry Angelillo, Drummer www.myspace.com/perrymeister

“ As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pleasant experience playing with Sly. Serious when the job needs it, but able to go crazy when he has to. He’s a very versatile bassist, skillful in many styles, a good sight reader and improvisor, but above all he grooves at the highest level! SLY'S THE MAN! ”  Sébastien Champagne, Bandleader, Pianist, Keyboardist, Composer, Arranger www.sebastienchampagne.com

« I met Sylvain about 15 years ago. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him in many different contexts. Be it sight reading, jazz improvisation, swing, salsa, pop or rock, live or in the studio, Sylvain is always impeccable and super professional. And as if this wasn’t enough, he has a great personality which makes working with him easy! » - Guy Bergeron, Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Owner of Guytare Studio

" Don’t hire Sylvain!!! He’s always late, disrespectful to his colleagues and clients, always looking for the bar and the buffet, has pitiful reading skills and no ear.  Don’t hire him ( that way he’ll always be available to play with us because we think he’s great...)" - David Jacques, Productions DJ, Bandleader, Guitarist http://www.davidjacques.com/

“A very talented musician, he’s always well prepared for shows and rehearsals. On time and cheerful, he has a good attitude and is easy to work with.  He is excellent in pop, rock and jazz, both in sight reading or playing by heart  - he can learn songs in very little time. Sylvain adapts well to all situations and can surprise you – like with his portrayal of J.J. ( an 80’s rock bassist character) that blows the roof off the place.” - Sylvain Mailloux, Guitarist, Bandleader, Owner Sonorisation Peak





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