Musical philosophy

A personal note…


Music is much more than a job for me. It an integral part of who I am. Playing bass has been a constant in my life, a way to express myself that has been more profound than words…

My openness, curiosity and respect for all music has fueled the long hours of practice and the extra effort I put into every project that I get the chance to participate in. The challenge of learning new styles, and expanding the limits of my playing have kept the instrument fresh in my hands for 24 years now. After all that time, I still feel that there is so much more to learn about music and my bass playing in particular. Far from being discouraged by the unsurmountable height of this musical mountain, I am humbled by it, and constantly in awe of the view.

I feel very priviliged to be able to make a living playing bass, and I tell myself this everyday. I always hope that this attitude transpires in my playing and that my appreciation for all opportunities to share music with fellow musicians and music lovers is evident. I always try to make the band sound as good as possible by finding my place
within the music. For me, music is a team effort…and I love the role of the bass on any given team.

Many thanks and love to everyone who has been a part of my musical journey.

March 22, 2010











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