Booking policies 

Yes’ means ‘yes’ Sly picture

Knowing that personnel availability and management is a major concern for band leaders and producers, Sylvain stays true to his word. Upon accepting a booking he will stand by it except in the following circumstances :

  1. major illness           
  2. an offer for multiple dates conflicting with an accepted one time offer

in which case the following replacement policies will apply.

Replacement responsibilities : For either an occasionnal engagement or as the ‘official’ first call in a band or musical project Sylvain will take on the tasks related to finding and preparing a replacement when there is a scheduling conflict. These tasks include preparing audio and sheet music for the replacing bassist and giving him/her the details of the contract.

‘Stand-by’ policy

If a contract is in negociation and the booker or band leader wants to put a conditional ‘hold’ on any given date for Sylvain’s services, this conditional reservation will be in effect for 2 weeks. If after this time, the contract has not been confirmed verbally or in writing, Sylvain will be free to accept offers received during this 2 week period and will give proper notice of his unavailability.











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