Happy New Year!!

January 1st, 2016 - I wish you all health, happiness, love, peace and music for 2016! There are going to be some changes around here - I'll keep you posted.



'Flow' - new solo bass video

November 13th, 2015

Here's a video of another solo bass piece - enjoy the "Flow" ;-)



New Audet-Morissette single - "Forky"

September 30th, 2015


Get all the details here : http://www.audet-morissette.com/


Video announces retirement from freelance work

August 5th, 2015

I've decided to end my career as a freelance bassist. You can watch the video I sent to all my professional contacts last june here. I'll still be on bass, but only for studio projects. I'm now learning new skills : audio production, writing and composing. Wish me luck!

"Quest for Flex" now online!

November 12, 2014

In an attempt to find bass guitar strings capable of enduring extreme bending, I've released “Quest for Flex”, an online video. The 9 minute video shows me testing D’Addario Flex Steel strings on my Kahler Tremolo equipped Fender Jaguar Bass. Funny full-tone bending grooves come up amidst my “noodling” and the video features some of my recorded works.

The video was released on YouTube at this web address : http://youtu.be/bm9f2Fe9_UI


New Project - New Single : Audet - Morissette "Contact"

September 30, 2014 - Teaming up with longtime friends and colleagues Christian Morissette and ClaudeContact_album_cover Laflamme to record an experimental fusion piece built around bass grooves and melodies using a double-thumb, double-index, right hand technique that incorporates Kahler tremolo scoops, bends and vibrato. Check out the video here. Digital single available on Itunes, AmazonMP3 or CD Baby


"Wedding Song" is now online!

November 15, 2013 - Many of our guests requested that this song be made available so here it is - the song I surprised my bride with!

Wedding Song imageDownload the single "Wedding Song" on



Now available on Itunes and Amazon Mp3 - "Road to Forgiveness"

October 11th, 2013 - The solo bass pieces from my "Road to Forgiveness" EP are now available on Itunes and Amazon Mp3 along with CD Baby. Choose your favorite online strore!

itunesAmazonCD Baby

Thanks to Eric Haven for including me on the new BTF site!


August 29th, 2013 - It's an honour to be featured on the new Bass Tremolo Fanatics website! Check it out!




Choir season comes to a close ...

June 27th, 2013 - This spring I've been busy playing with many different choirs namely L’ensemble Vocal Art et Son, Le Groupe Vocal La-Mi-Sol, Le Choeur de la Cité and Le Choeur des Cascades. Last weekend was Quebec's national holiday and for the occasion I played with the Rockin' Blues band at the Cartonfolies in Cabano, and with Gaston Giroux in St-Laurent.

March newsletter now online.

March 15th, 2013 - Read it here...

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Thank you from the IASP...


September 12th, 2012 - I recieved a certificate of appreciation from the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)for my "Road to Forgiveness" fund raising effort . Thanks to everyone who has supported this cause by buying my CD or digital download . This is an ongoing effort, that will continue untill those boxes of CD's in my closet are empty; so if you're interested you can buy them here. For the month of September I'm offering free shipping, so you save 2,50$ CAD till the end of the month.

Finally an update!

August 23nd, 2012 - I’ve been so busy with all kinds of freelance work and family life that it’s taken me this long to update my website. So here's most of what I’ve been up to since last spring…

EGQ- I played with many different choirs namely The Quebec Gospel Ensemble, L’ensemble Vocal Art et Son, Le Groupe Vocal La-Mi-Sol and Le Choeur des Cascades.

- Did studio work for Ginette Paradis’s upcoming Sylvain Lelievre Tribute CD and recorded tracks for Olivier Couture’s cd project.

- Regular shows with the Top Secret Trio at the Savini and L’Archibald.

- Gigs with the Monya Jazz trio.

- A unique event for the ‘Centre de la francophonie des amériques’ backing francophone artists from North and South America, including Luck Mervil, Marie-Jo Thériault, and Zachary Richard.

- Corporate and outdoor events with U Can Dance, Mlle Mew and the Elixir Band.
Mlle Mew

- Opened the terrace season on the Grande Allée with Monya’s “New Direction” show.

- Accompanied François Moisan’s “Hommage à nos poètes” at the O’Neil house.

- Put together a St-Jean show for Quebec’s national holiday.

- Grooved with Carmen Genest’s "Soul Train" Aretha Franklin Tribute.

- Rocked out with The Charlie Price Band and The Rockin’ Blues CroonerBand on a few occasions.

- Played a new show called “Génération Crooner” presented by Steeve Mathieu Productions.

- Replaced François Moisan with a partial Styx Jazz Experience show and with the Celebration Gospel Choir.

- Last Sunday I had a great time backing up Jeanick Fournier, Corneliu Montano and Claude VallièresRoxane

This saturday I’ll be jamming with Mike Deway at the Riviera in Québec’s old port and coming in september I’ll be playing upright for a series of Roxane Delafontaine’s shows


It's been great playing with you all!


New video from my album launch

April 11th, 2012 - Here's a live performance of one of my solo bass pieces (live camera sound feed...)

With Mélanie Boucher at 'La Place des Arts' in Montreal.

Fubruary 17th , 2012 - A beautiful night of music last Saturday with Mélanie, Claude Laflamme, Christian Morissette and Grégoire Painchaud.

melanie boucher

Thanks to Kevin Johnson, from No Treble for the article !

no trebleJanaury 16th, 2012 - I got a chance to talk about 'thumbpicking' , my solo EP, the use of the Kahler tremolo and more for No Treble's 'New School' column. Read it here...


First four months of my 'Road to Forgiveness' fundraiser - a donation metergreat start!

January 15, 2012 - I sent out the first checks of the funds that I've collected so far for the Quebec City Suicide Prevention Center and the International Association for Suicide Prevention. My sincere thanks to all who have supported this cause and who enjoy my solo bass music.

Extending the holiday spirit - in the studio for the Quebec Gospel Ensemble's Christmas album...

January 14th, 2012- We kept the holiday's alive this weekend, at Claude Laflamme's studio, recording the basic tracks for the EGQ's Christmas album. Scheduled for release in the fall of 2012, the album features great arrangements of holiday classics.


FREE SHIPPING of my 'Road to Forgiveness' solo bass EP for the holidays!

album coverDécember 7th , 2011 - Until January 15, 2012, I'm offering free shipping of my solo bass ep ! Discover original solo bass music and support suicide prevention in only a few 'clicks' !

Sylvain Lelièvre tribute show.


November 30th , 2011 - Tonight I'll be playing with Ginette Paradis who will be premiering her new show "De Sylvain... à Lelièvre". A rare occasion for me to be playing the upright! 7:30 PM at the Salle Sylvain Lelièvre.


My solo bass pieces live ... En Coeur

November 27th , 2011 - I'll be performing a few of the compositions from my album at a fundraising event at Champigny College for the 'En Coeur' Fondation . I'll also be playing in the band that will back-up Jean, Nancy et Manon - a night of anglophone and francophone pop-rock.

Studio sessions for Olivier Couture

olivier_coutureNovember 26th, 2011 - I finished the bass tracks forsinger-songwriter Olivier Couture 's upcoming album. Produced by Mathieu Levasseur, I'm looking forward to hearing the final master!


Great evening at the 'Monya' album launch.


October 25th , 2011 - I had the pleasure of playing in Monya Mathieu 's band for the release of her first solo album last night at the Ninkasi . Plenty of enthusiastic fans made the event a success. Bravo Monya!!

Jazz fusion with the Sebastien Champagne Quintet

pochette esquisse

October 20th, 2011 - I'll have the honnor of playing with the Sebastien Champagne Quintet at the Quebec City Jazz Festival. We'll be playing compostitions from his first cd 'Esquisse' . I'm sure we'll have lots of fun at the Clarendon Hotel on October 20th 8 PM.


Helping the CPSQ's fund-raising efforts

October 18, 2011 - Last week the CPSQ launched it's 2011 fundraising campaign. I'm joining in their effort by donating 25% of sales of my 'Road to Forgiveness' solo bass EP.

Click here for more info...

With Mélanie Boucher at the 'Théâtre Petit Champlain' on octobre 14th.


September 29th , 2011 - I'll have the pleasure of accompanying Mélanie Boucher for her "Est en ouest" show at the TPC on october 14. For more info...

On September 6th I'll be releasing my first solo EP!


30 août 2011 - For more info...

May Edition of the SOB Newsletter available here.

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Springtime is choir season...

May 16th, 2011 - I just got back from a series of 4 shows with L'Ensemble Vocal Art & Son, who were celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. This very dynamic group sang a wide variety of pop music for a sold out crowd. I'll be playing with another choir at the end of the month - LAMISOL.

Road Kill Soup website now online!

April 29th, 2011 - You can now listen to demos and learn more about our experimental collective composition project here

April Edition of the SOB Newsletter available here.

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April 14th, 2011 - Click here to subscibe

With Melanie Boucher at the 'Vieux Bureau de Poste' march 26th.

March 17th, 2011 - For more info (french) click here.


What a special night - My debut as a solo artist...

March 16th, 2011 - For the first time in my career as a bassist I was on stage alone presenting my solo bass compositions to a sold out house. It was a very magical evening for me. I'll be posting video footage from this concert soon...


I'll be performing my first solo bass mini-concert on March 15th.

Photo Claude LaflammeMarch 7th, 2011 - I'll be opening for a very unique concert performance by Mosaïcordes - a Harp Guitar and voice Photo KarineDuo (Claude Laflamme and Karine Lesvesque) at the Ancienne Lorette Auditorium on tuesday March 15th. I'm very excited about presenting 3 of my solo bass compositions featuring my thumb picking and tremolo approach. Hope to see you there!


My thumb picking debut last Saturday puts wind in my sails!

Sly 19th of february 2011

February 21st, 2011 - I had a great time with The Jack Rozz Project last saturday. It was very special (and a little unnerving) The Jack Rozz Project 11-02-19to play exclusively with a technique that I've been working on only for a couple of years and in a different way. I was very pleased with the results and I'm very motivated to keep pushing forward with my thumb picking style. Here's a video excerpt if you're curious... Thanks to all who came out to support us and hopefully we'll be playing again soon...


This Saturday at 'Le bal du Lézard' with The Jack Rozz Project.

February 16, 2011 - Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Jack Rozz Logo





Sly's Thumb-Picking Blog now online.

February 9th, 2011 - Here's where I discuss my work on thumb-picking.

Wednesday nights at the Savini ...

Photo SaviniFebruary 9th, 2011- Every wednesday this month and in march, I'll be playing at the Savini with Monya Mathieu and Charlie Price. The food is good, the ambience very cool and if you like wine - this is the place to go...



TheJackRozzProject.com now online!

Jack Rozz Logo

January 28th, 2011 - Check out the site to hear, see and learn about our jazz fusion trio...




In studio recording Monya's upcoming album.

Studio Champoux 1January 13th, 2011 - We've started the basic tracks for Monya Mathieu's album featuring compositions by Daniel Auger and Julie Brindamour. The album is being recorded at Studio Champoux with Monya and Éric Savard co-producing and is studio champoux 2scheduled for release in 2011 . I'm looking forward to hearing the end result!



New challenge - thumb picking with the Jack Rozz Project...

jack rozz logoJanuary 10th, 2011 - Last december a long time drummer friend of mine called to ask if I'd be interested in replacing the bass player in his fusion trio. I told François that I was working on an alternative right hand technique and that if they were open to me experimenting it with them that I'd be glad to do it. After our first jam session I realized that playing fingerstyle lines thumbstyle is quite a challenge...but very stimulating and a source of motivation to keep on pushing my technique to another level. Practice, practice, practice...




December 5th, 2010 – What an awesome weekend of gospel Christmas music with L’Ensemble Gospel de Québec. Judging by the tears in the eyes of many spectators on Saturday night, I know I’m not the only one that was moved by the choir’s performance. I’m in the Christmas mood now..


‘Tis the season…

November 27th, 2010 – December has yet to arrive but the office  Christmas Party  season starts tonight for me. Let’s hope everyone can hold their liquor and keep their hands to themselves!! ;-)

Monya’s ‘New Direction’ leads us to the Clac!

November 26th, 2010 – Excellent night of pop-rock with a dash of new country yesterday, with Monya Mathieu’s ‘New Direction’ show. The band, with Dan Auger & Sylvain Mailloux on guitars, Serge Poulin on drums, Sébastien Champagne on keyboards, and Christine Mercier on back vocals, sounded great.




René Légaré saves the day!!

November 25th, 2010 – After yesterday’s accident left my main bass unusable, and my backup bass already being modified I found myself with no instrument to play tonight’s gig. Thankfully, soundman extrodinaire & bassist René Légaré gave me a call and offered to lend me his Yamaha BB300! Thanks man, - I owe you one.

Mysterious crack on the headstock and neck of my favorite bass!

November 25th 2010 - I’ve learned my lesson – never leave your bass unattended onstage! I was playing at the Cabaret du Capitol yesterday and while tuning up a few minutes before the show noticed that my bass was unuasually out of tune. It wasn’t until the middle of the set that I noticed the crack in the back of the neck of my bass. Upon closer inspection I saw that the headstock showed signs of abuse – when questionned about seeing the bass fall while I was away the techs mumbled an unconvincing  - ‘No I didn’t see anything…’ Sometimes being easy-going isn’t a good thing…


November 20th, 2010 – The temperature rose at the Pub Azul with the Charlie Price Band


So much so that the crowd, dancing to Charlie’s blend of blues, classic rock and pop, kept the door open to let the crisp late-night photo2air cool them down! The power trio, with Perry Angelillo on drums, played 2 sets to a very enthusiastic crowd. The night ended with guest appearances by Serge Poulin and Mike Deway for some rockin’ blues.



November 13th, 2010 – The Tuxedo Pop Orchestra gets the police dancing!!

Tuxedo at the HyattWe had a great time at the SQ retirement ball at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Montreal. With a Tuxedo at the Hyatt 2marathon set which lasted 2 and a half hours non-stop, the band was pumped and the dance floor full - the whole time! Not only was the gig fun, but the after party in the 11th floor suite was… well…sweet! ;-)


November 10th, 2010 – The Quebec Gospel Ensemble launches it’s 2nd album : ‘Show Me’ .albumlaunch1

I had the pleasure of playing at the EGQ’s album launch in front of a packed house and two local news crews at theThéâtre du Petit Champlain last week. What an energetic group! Since then I’ve been listening to the album in my car and it sounds great. Thumbs up to all who participated in the production – which spanned a two year period albumlaunch2– their patience and hard work really paid off! I’m really looking forward to our 3 Christmas concerts in early December…




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